Homeowners frequently install their own fences. But a fence also can be one of the biggest do-it-yourself yard projects that you will ever undertake. No doubt there are dozens of local companies in your area who can install a fence for you. At Macon Fencing Company, they are reliable to a fast and with exceptional results because of their trained fencing installers. Finding the right fence company with a solid business history that can do the job on budget and on time, with the quality and beauty you expect, might be harder than you imagine. 


Chances are you know someone or know someone who knows someone that has not been treated fairly by a contractor. Many times there are unforeseeable issues that arise where the contractor and the customer work it out. There are also times when the issues cannot be resolved and you have a half-finished project that has already exceeded the accepted budget. 


Take a few preliminary steps to ensure that you hire the best local fence company for your specific project. 


What Type of Fencing do I Need?


Before trying to find the right fencing contractor, you should first educate yourself on the type of fencing you need. One size does not fit all when it comes to fencing. Some fences are manufactured for specific tasks. First, ask yourself what the goal of the fence is. Is your fence going to be used to keep livestock on your property? Will it be used to keep deer out? Will it be used strictly for decorative purposes? Is the fence going to encompass a small or large property? Once you have these questions answered, perform some Google searches on the types of fencing and material used for those specific tasks. No matter what upgrade or addition you are adding to your property, you should at least have some insight on the subject prior to finding a fencing contractor.


Fencing Contractor Reputation


Ideally, the best way to find the right fencing contractor is for them to be referred to you by family or a friend. Since that is not always possible, look for positive Yelp and Google reviews. Avoid looking at the fencing contractors’ websites for reviews as they can easily be fabricated by the contractor. Yelp and Google have algorithms to alleviate any false reviews, and although they do not foolproof, it is a close representation as to how they conduct business.


Get a Thorough Quote


Be sure that the quote you get from the fencing contractor is as thorough as possible. If you are going to sign an agreement on the work to be performed, you must read and understand each section and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Mistakes such as the amount of material needed for a fencing project can blow up the budget and extend the time it will take to build the fence. You can combat this by using tools to measure the distance around your property. A simple but effective tool in measuring the distance around your property is the Google Maps Measure Distance Tool. Everything that can be documented should be documented to protect you and the contractor. A good contractor will have a thoroughly detailed contract with material costs and time of completion.


Open Line of Communication


Be sure to get frequent updates from your contractor to make sure everything is on track. If you see any warning signs, now would be the time to bring them to the forefront before it’s too late. If a fence contractor is not very good and always goes over budget, you should be able to see that pattern at the start of the project.


You Get What You Pay For


The phrase “You get what you pay for” is very much overused. In fact, it is often not true. There are many services and products offered at a discount that are high quality. When it comes to fence contractors, you want to be sure the materials being used are the best for the job. Your fence could last a lifetime, or have to be constantly repaired throughout its lifetime. It is all about the quality of the materials and quality of workmanship which for a fencing contractor can come down to price. If you are bid too low, the chance of unexpected costs and quality of work being sub-standard increases.


Finding the right fencing contractor should not be based solely on price, but on their experience, detailed quote, reviews, and your own gut feeling.